Every run is different, just like our boxes. Fuse fashion with function and run your Mercury Mile. Create your profile today!

Every run is an experience. We make shopping for your run an experience as well.

You run to forget and remember. To get lost and find your way. To explore.

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This is where our expert stylists learn about your individual fit, style, and unique running needs. Plus it’s super fun to do.

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Your $20 stylist fee allows us to curate a hand-selected box of 4 to 6 pieces of activewear for your chosen shipment date. Fun fact: this payment will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your box!

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We'll ship your box out on the requested date.  Each box totals $125 to $250 and includes free shipping, returns, stylist credit, and a few running gifts on us!


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Keep what you love. Send back anything you don't, using our free prepaid shipping bag.  You'll be charged for what you keep.  Your stylist fee will be used as a credit towards anything you keep!

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