What Are Your Strangest Running Habits?

Yesterday was a busy day for me. With an almost-two-year-old to keep, well, alive--and a couple of jobs to juggle--you just squeeze your runs in whenever you can, right? I got finished with work around 5pm (a little earlier than usual for me), which meant I could squeeze in a little run before my wife returned home with the baby. BUT--right before I decided to squeeze in this run, I had squeezed in a little Mountain Dew Code Red (this is not an advertisement, but I love Code Red and if Mountain Dew wants to become an official Mercury Mile sponsor, I could probably arrange that).  

I'm no stranger to running with a bunch of sugar in my stomach, so that wasn't an issue at all. But what WAS an issue was all the sugar on my teeth. I'm one of these people that stashes toothbrushes in odd places so that I can brush at a moment's notice. I don't really need toothpaste. Just some water and a place to spit. But I can't stand having the feeling of sugar on my teeth--especially when I run.

Obviously, this was the main thing I focused on for the entire hour I was running. It got me wondering: what other strange habits do you have before, during, or after your run? Mine, clearly, is that I must run with clean teeth. Every time. Maybe your post-run recovery drink is always a tasty adult beverage?  Maybe your shoe laces have to be double-knotted. All weird habits are fair game!  Leave them in the comments for us!

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