The Mercury Mile Mindset is about living an inspirational life of motion and feeling the inner runner’s spirit.

Our Journey Here

When you help build one of the best running stores in America, you know you’re onto something. The founders of Mercury Mile are taking what they’ve learned from running the Columbus Running Company and their past entrepreneurial adventures, and blending it to create a personalized online shopping experience for all runners to enjoy.

We want to make people’s running experience better, so Mercury Mile was created for runners by runners. Our personal stylists truly understand what runners need and want, because they are runners themselves. It’s more than selecting trendy pieces of activewear. It’s about fusing fashion and function for every runner. We share a passion for running and the knowledge that running and walking play a unique role in each person’s life.

Whatever your pace, from beginner to elite, Mercury Mile curates a shopping experience and style that moves just for you.

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