Frequently Asked Questions


How does Mercury Mile work?
It’s really as easy as lacing up your shoes. Simply start by creating your Runner Profile so we can get to know you! You’ll be asked about your style, fit, goals, and running habits so your personal expert stylist can pick just the right items for you. Your profile will take about 10 minutes, but hey, we don’t want to ship things to a complete stranger!

When you’re ready to order, just reserve a Mercury Mile box to pay the stylist fee. Your expert stylist will then go through our inventory of high quality products to put together a custom box that is optimized specifically for you and not for the masses. This takes a couple of days to make sure we do our homework, so watch your inbox for questions or updates.

When the box is assembled, it'll hit the mail on your requested shipping date.  The real Mercury Mile magic will be when it arrives at your door. 

When your box arrives, keep what you love and send back anything you don't.  You'll have seven days to place anything unwanted back into the mail.  Your stylist fee ($20) will be applied as a credit towards any items you decide to keep from your box.  Your final charge will occur once we receive any returns.  To account for shipping time, if we have not received any returns with in a 14 day window from our shipment to you, then we will assume you are keeping the box as is and will be charged accordingly. 

Is Mercury Mile a subscription service?
Nope. We only send Mercury Mile boxes when you reserve them by picking an available shipment date. Of course if you want Mercury Mile to be sent to your door more often at any specific interval just reach out to your personal stylist.

I just reserved my Mercury Mile shipment date. When will I receive my Mercury Mile box?
We plan on shipping your box out on your reserved shipment date.  It should arrive within 2–4 business days. All that's left is to get moving!

Why are certain dates unavailable to be selected for my Mercury Mile shipment?

You may have noticed that some dates appear grayed out on the reserve a box calendar. The reason for this is because we require shipments to be scheduled at least 4 days in advance so that our stylists have time to select the perfect athleticwear and accessories for you and then send you a Mercury Mile box summary email for your approval. Every box is made individually to fit your specific running needs, which is why you filled out that cool Runner Profile, so it takes a little time to make the best box possible. Some dates may also be unavailable due to holidays, large order volume, or a local race. Sometimes we just have to run!

Where does Mercury Mile ship?
Currently we are only able to ship in the USA.  

Mercury Mile Box

What is in a Mercury Mile box?
That’s a great question, check out those details here.

How often will I receive my Mercury Mile?
We only send your personal Mercury Mile box when you reserve a shipment date and checkout. But if you’d like to receive boxes at a specific interval, just let your stylist know.

Will I get to see the items before I receive my Mercury Mile box?
When your stylist has assembled your Mercury Mile they will send a Mercury Mile box summary email that says your box is ready. Of course you can look at what your stylist has selected for you, but we suggest keeping it a surprise and not peeking too much! Your box will officially ship once you approve the email by checking out.

How long can I keep my Mercury Mile?
Once your Mercury Mile is delivered you'll have 7 days to decide what to keep and what to send back.

Our Stylists

Who are Mercury Mile stylists?
Mercury Mile stylists are men and women who understand that the right activewear and accessories can help you run better, feel more confident, or simply free up time for more important things than shopping for your workout. And yes, they're runners themselves!

You can chat with your stylist on the phone or by email. Drop them a line any time, whether you need a Mercury Mile box or just want advice on how to make your run a better experience. Each stylist is ready to curate a box that combines visual interest and products that align to wherever you are in your running journey.

But I can shop for myself. Why do I need a stylist?
When you have the right activewear and accessories, physical activity like running, jogging, and walking is just better. Your body is unique and it is meant to move, so our stylists are here to make sure you feel supported and comfortable when you do so. With our expert knowledge as runners ourselves, we can help make your runs the best experience possible.

Can I request a particular stylist?
All our stylists are pretty darn awesome, but if you have one in mind just let us know that person’s name when you are creating your Runner’s Profile. And if you ever decide that you’re moving at a different pace than your current stylist, just email and we’ll connect you with someone new right away.


How much does Mercury Mile cost?
To start, there is a $20 stylist fee paid during the box reservation. Don’t sweat - save that for your run - that stylist fee is applied as a credit to any items you keep. If you were to keep everything in your personally curated box, the total cost will generally fall between $125 and $250, depending on the contents. Individual items can range from $15 to $150. And because each item in the box is priced individually, you have the opportunity to send back what you don’t like and you will not be charged.

When will I be charged?
You will be charged once when you make a box reservation, which is the stylist fee.  As long as we have a payment option on file for you we will ship your order.  Your next charge will occur once you have received your box and returned any items that didn't work out for you.  We make it easy so you can focus less on shopping and more on your next run!

We allow you 7 days upon receiving your shipment to decide what you'd like to keep.  If we don't hear from you or receive anything back within 14 days of the shipment leaving Mercury Mile, we will assume you are keeping the box and will be charged accordingly.  This allows ample time for shipping both ways and to explore your box in the comfort of your own home!

Will I be charged anything if I return everything in my Mercury Mile box?
You will not be charged for any Mercury Mile items as long as they are returned in their original, unworn condition with the tags still on. Even though our stylists are awesome, nobody is perfect. Use the prepaid shipping bag to send back any items you do not want to keep within 7 days of receiving your shipment. Don't forget though, if you do keep $20 or more worth of items your stylist fee will be applied as credit towards those items. If you return everything, you will lose that credit and Mercury Mile will obtain the original stylist fee.

Gift Cards

How can I purchase a Gift Card?
All you have to do is click here. (And don't forget, Mercury Mile Gift Cards are only valid if purchased directly through us—not a third party. So tell your friends.)

What types of Gift Cards does Mercury Mile offer?
We only offer emailed Gift Cards. But here's the cool part: you can actually choose from our collection of custom designs to create just the right gift. Try it out yourself!

How can I redeem a Gift Card code?
It's super easy. When you're ready to reserve your Mercury Mile box or approve your Mercury Mile box summary email, simply enter the Gift Card code at checkout and your account will be credited with that amount.

Can I use my Gift Card to buy another Gift Card?
Sorry, you are not allowed to use Gift Card codes when purchasing other Gift Cards. But you can totally use it on your Mercury Mile box.


What brands are included in Mercury Mile Boxes?
In our mind your run starts when you put on your running threads. We want you feeling good and ready to tackle your upcoming miles, so we work with a large and evolving collection of familiar as well as up-and-coming brands in the running world. Whether or not it’s from Brooks, ASICS, Saucony, Rabbit, or Janji for example - our stylists want to pair your needs with the best product available. Our stylists are ready to start you on your Mercury Mile.

Can I wear the clothes and then send them back?
Kinda. We definitely want you to try on the items in your Mercury Mile Box at home, but don’t wear them out and about or take off the tags unless you plan on purchasing them. If any items are worn, damaged, or have tags removed they will be charged to your account.

What sizes do you carry?
We work with our brands to find running apparel for nearly all sizes. From petites through plus sizes, as well as maternity, we offer a variety of sizes for both men and women. Our stylists are trained to know the fit of different brands and styles so we can recommend the best options for you. We’ve met thousands of runners on their personal journeys - and they come in all sizes, just like us.

Do you offer boxes for kids?
We love little grasshoppers, but unfortunately Mercury Mile currently offers adult sizes only.

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