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In the winter, do you have a hard time staying warm on runs?

In the summer, do you overheat easily?

What is a problem you need to fix on your runs?

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Do you ever cover distances long enough that you may need some nutrition or supplies?

Do you ever carry a phone or music player when you run?

Do you tend to chafe easily in certain places, such as arms or thighs?

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Do you tend to chafe easily in certain places, such as arms or thighs?

Select all that apply.

Do you ever run outside in the dark or twilight?

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What type of runner do you consider yourself to be?

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How many times per week do you run?

Do you already, or do you plan on, running races longer than a 5k?

Roughly how many running races/events do you participate over the course of the year?

Do you plan on any trail runs in the future?

Do you participate in adventure type runs?

You know, the kind with logs and ropes and mud and such.

What appeals to you more - going a bit faster, or going longer?

Are there any specific events you are training for?

What is your favorite distance to run?

Okay , it's style time!

Which of these color combos are you MOST attracted to?

Which of these color combos are you MOST attracted to?

Are there any colors or patterns we should AVOID?

Select all that apply.

Are there any colors or patterns we should AVOID?

Check all that apply.

Are you willing to let some of your running apparel show some skin, or are you more of a modest runner?

What is more important to you on your run - how a piece looks or how it functions?

In warm weather or indoors, do you find yourself more in T-shirts or more tanks/singlets?

Are you ok with open backs or lower cut necks?

Are there any brands that you've had success with in the past?

Are there any items we should avoid?

Such as socks, bras, capris, etc.

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What is your typical bra size?

What is your inseam?

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When is your birthday?

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Do you like your shorts a little longer, or are you one to let those legs free?

On your legs, do you tend to prefer looser running apparel or tighter?

On your upper body, do you tend to prefer looser apparel or tighter?

What size athletic top do you typically wear?

Are you pregnant?

Are you interested in Athletic Underwear?

We understand there can be a lot going on down there.

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What's Next?

If you haven’t yet, reserve your Mercury Mile box shipment date and pay the stylist fee of $20. This fee will also be applied as a credit to anything you keep from your shipment.

Receive your box and run your Mercury Mile!  Box values range from $125 to $250 and contain 4 to 6 curated pieces of running related activewear for you to try on at home.

Keep what you love.  Send the rest back with free shipping both ways!